OLDSMOOC week 1 – Intentions

I’m planning to dabble in OLDSMOOC over the next nine weeks to supplement a learning design project that I have to do anyway. I’ve been working on a new unit for our MA programme on Open Educational Practice; it was a collaborative project to start with (and we got a little bit of funding for the JISC for it), but our team is relatively small, the unit still needs some honing and fleshing out, and… um… I have to start teaching it on February 25th…! That doesn’t mean I’m going to be dropping out of the course early – far from it – I think it’s at that point that my reflections on how things are going will benefit most from the OLDS community, and perhaps will benefit the community too.

┬áMy colleagues John Casey, Chris Follows and John Jackson are also (I think) going to be somewhat engaged with the OLDS course, and I’m hoping that the course will give us a structure and additional motivation to move our OEP course on from what is currently only a set of topics and assignment briefs, onto something more solid.

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