Blogging with students… how and why

Due to popular request I’m posting this short video (5 mins) on how and why to use blogs to engage students in the curriculum. It’s due to be shown at the International Blended Learning Conference on June 18th but please feel free to comment here before and after.

There’s also an accompanying paper which presents further explanation of how I’ve interpreted Garrison, Anderson & Archer’s work about social and teaching presence (and also the work of James Farmer, founder of Edublogs), and it would be great to hear your views. Here’s a link to the paper:-)

Here’s the video

You can watch a higher-quality version here: play WMV version

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  2. I think this is great. Really good explanation. Looking forward to reading the full paper

  3. Hi Lindsay – loved looking at this blog and watching the video – some excellent ideas and definately thought provoking. I really liked your metablog – only just spotted your blog yesterday – since you have inspired me to create my own blog – would you mind if I also created my own metablog (reflection)? I think it would be really useful…



  4. Excellent stuff!

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  7. Good video Lindsay. Interested to know what software you used to create it.

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  9. [...] Blogging with students… how and why [...]

  10. [...] Blogging with students… how and why [...]

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  12. Lindsay,
    Thank you very much for your helpful video. I’d be really interested in getting a conversation going between classrooms here at Penn State and yours at The University of Bath. I’ve posted your video on my blog,, which details my efforts to create a personal learning network. Nice production, I’m really impressed, and thanks!
    Jason Whitney

    • Hi Jason,
      I recently left the University of Bath and am now working for University of the Arts London – but we have lots of student bloggers here too! I’ll check out your video. Thanks for the feedback!

      • I hadn’t seen your reply until now, but I have been very grateful for your help. I get your blogposts on my RSS reader, and I’ll stay tuned. It’s been a great semester, thanks in part to your guidance.

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